Anonymous asked: ARe you back with dan again? :o

ahahahaha no.

hey kids dont stretch your ears 


Tony Nilsson


Working on some more of these today ;)
Hannah Pixie 
by Hannah Ray - twitter | instagram | blog
please don’t remove source and credits


do you ever have somebody so brilliant in your life that you just wanna talk about how great they are like all the time and you wanna go up to everyone and be like LOOK AT THIS PERSON 


Please ignore my lil pants poking through, My mum gave me two pairs of these vintage wrap shorts she used to wear as a teen! Love them!! 😁 #summertime #needatan

todays choice for my wrist.
Watch - Nixon
Bracelet - Monthip


Matt Houston - Vancouver, BC

Only good things come out of Gastown Tattoo Parlor
i started a quite badass fiery noonicorn on tom today, such a babe for letting me do it haha 😘

I want that flower but my First Lady told me that if you get a tattoo, you can’t domate blood. Matter fact let me go research that.

you also can’t get that flower because it’s my design which i am tattooing on somebody. get your own

My favorite page I’ve painted in a while. I really want to tattoo these.

Cassandra Frances

Anonymous asked: If you dont want people taking your art you shouldnt post it on the internet in the first place. Its inevitable that somebody will claim things as their own, unfortunately there are a lot of people like that in the world.

well no, people should just not repost artwork without adding a credit to the artist. i should be able to promote myself and my work without worrying about somebody stealing it. i hate that people have the mentality of ‘its inevitable’