Anonymous said: Hey! I loved that drawing, can I tattoo? /post/87929679391/cant-stop-drawing-mice-instagram-gemcarterx

no it’s my drawing for me to tattoo


So this is my friend Gem’s work, you can find here on: Tumblr: saferintheforestInstagram: gemcarterx

people who repost things and don’t credit the original artist are mega lame

Anonymous said: Your art is so incredible and I would love to get one of your drawings as a tatoo. Wow you're so talented!

Well come get tattooed by me then!! :)) xx

did this elephant hawk moth today, thanks rachel! really loved doing this one. instagram: @gemcarterx

can’t stop drawing mice 🐭 instagram: gemcarterx

hello my work on my dash! x
done this lil one today! ladies don’t start fights but they can finish them 🐱🎀 instagram: @gemcarterx
got this wee fella added to my arm today thanks to @violaliontattoos, still needs his tail colouring but nearly there! 🍓
we had the most gorgeous weekend in the lake district. and now i want to go back 😭🗻

Cassandra Frances

really really badly want to get tattooed by her soon 
drawing Disney designs when i should be doing work for customers is obviously the best way to spend my Tuesday evening! instagram: @gemcarterx

when you see that someone has taken photos of you when you’re not looking, not in a creepy way, just if you’re doing something and not paying attention and they take a picture of you because they think you look cute or whatever that’s like the nicest thing


I just hit 6000 followers even though i rarely use this any more, thanks guys, you’re all mental. follow my instagram if you want to keep updated with my work and whatnot! @gemcarterx