did a big ol painting for the birthday dude! 🐦💀🍁 instagram: @gemcarterx
instagram: @gemcarterx


the wwf’s living planet report 2014, which discovered that we’ve lost half of all the world’s wildlife in the past fourty years, showed more specifically that the population of common dormice dropped by 43 percent between 1993 and 2010.

not only are dormice vulnerable to habitat loss, but they’re hesitant to cross open fields, and the grubbing out of hedgerows in recent decades has removed the wildlife corridors between woods that has allowed the dormice to move more freely to new habitat.  

dormice have very specialized diets of berries and nuts, and with less habitat they are unable to seek out enough food to fatten up before their six month hibernation (which was featured in these two posts). 

photos by (click pic) andrea zampatti, richard austin xmiroslav hlávkobengt lundberg, david kjaer and ingo ardnt

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Anonymous said: i was just wondering what your instagram is because the link doesn't work?

it’s @gemcarterx :) don’t really come on here any more but thank you for letting me know it doesnt work! ive updated the link x

these tiny mini original paintings are up for sale on my bigcartel (gemcartertattoo.bigcartel.com). or message me if you want to buy them directly from me. they are a one-off, I won’t be making any prints :)
first day in r&g barbershop/good luck tattoo! if you’re local come down and say hi. get booked in for a tattoo and check out our new place! it’s pretty fucking cool 👌
finally got to tattoo this fan which I’ve wanted to do for ages! it was a lot of fun :) instagram: @gemcarterx
fun day doing these super sparkly gap fillers! ⭐️💖🔮✨ instagram: @gemcarterx
big ol box of roe antlers turned up today. the back of this one has teeth in it
Made myself a bigcartel finally! the link is in my bio, only got the otter and badger up for the moment to see how they go. Limited to 20 copies of each! £6 each or £10 for both. Worldwide shipping, free for UK. Would also love to do some trades with other artists if anyone’s interested (email me!) ☺️

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badger badger badger 🍂🍒 instagram: @gemcarterx

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no it’s my drawing for me to tattoo


So this is my friend Gem’s work, you can find here on: Tumblr: saferintheforestInstagram: gemcarterx

people who repost things and don’t credit the original artist are mega lame

Anonymous said: Your art is so incredible and I would love to get one of your drawings as a tatoo. Wow you're so talented!

Well come get tattooed by me then!! :)) xx