these tiny mini original paintings are up for sale on my bigcartel (gemcartertattoo.bigcartel.com). or message me if you want to buy them directly from me. they are a one-off, I won’t be making any prints :)
first day in r&g barbershop/good luck tattoo! if you’re local come down and say hi. get booked in for a tattoo and check out our new place! it’s pretty fucking cool 👌
finally got to tattoo this fan which I’ve wanted to do for ages! it was a lot of fun :) instagram: @gemcarterx
fun day doing these super sparkly gap fillers! ⭐️💖🔮✨ instagram: @gemcarterx
big ol box of roe antlers turned up today. the back of this one has teeth in it
Made myself a bigcartel finally! the link is in my bio, only got the otter and badger up for the moment to see how they go. Limited to 20 copies of each! £6 each or £10 for both. Worldwide shipping, free for UK. Would also love to do some trades with other artists if anyone’s interested (email me!) ☺️

kill-the-monster-inside-us said: What's your Instagram?(:


badger badger badger 🍂🍒 instagram: @gemcarterx

Anonymous said: Hey! I loved that drawing, can I tattoo? /post/87929679391/cant-stop-drawing-mice-instagram-gemcarterx

no it’s my drawing for me to tattoo


So this is my friend Gem’s work, you can find here on: Tumblr: saferintheforestInstagram: gemcarterx

people who repost things and don’t credit the original artist are mega lame

Anonymous said: Your art is so incredible and I would love to get one of your drawings as a tatoo. Wow you're so talented!

Well come get tattooed by me then!! :)) xx

did this elephant hawk moth today, thanks rachel! really loved doing this one. instagram: @gemcarterx

can’t stop drawing mice 🐭 instagram: gemcarterx

hello my work on my dash! x
done this lil one today! ladies don’t start fights but they can finish them 🐱🎀 instagram: @gemcarterx
got this wee fella added to my arm today thanks to @violaliontattoos, still needs his tail colouring but nearly there! 🍓